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Product Name: Panasonic 19,000Btu/26,200H Mini-Split Thermopompe Singel Zone
Product Description: Panasonic Split Air Conditioners don't need to be placed in a window, giving you more installation flexibility than ever. All that goes inside your home is the compact indoor unit, which delivers comfort without taking up too much space. And since the separate outdoor unit can be placed up to 82 feet1 (25 meters) away using a connecting pipe, you can even install the indoor unit on a wall that doesn't face outdoors.
BTU: 19
Power Requirements: 230/208V
Output Type:
Amperage: 20
Energy Effeciency Ratio: 18
Air Flow:
Energy Star Approved: Yes
Electronic Controls: Yes
Remote Control: No
Automatic Timer:
Cooling Speeds:
Fan Speeds:
Filter Type:
Filter Description:
Quick Mount Window Kit: No
Dimensions: 42.00(w) x 11.00(h) x 9.00(d)
Product Weight:
Shipping Weight:

To buy the right air conditioner for your room, please refer to these BTU calculations:

Area in square feet BTU's Recommended
0-150 5 000
150-200 6 000
200-250 7 000
250-300 8 000
300-350 10 000
350-400 12 000
400-450 14 000
450-500 15 000
500-600 18 000
600-700 20 000


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